Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Julie Cave's Deadly Disclosures ~ Reviewed

By Julie Cave
Published by Master Books
ISBN# 978-0-89051-584-6
285 Pages

Back Cover:

FBI agent Dinah Harris now has a missing person's file to go along with a bad case of alcohol abuse and the depression she cannot seem to shake. Fighting to keep her focus, she struggles to find answers for why Thomas Whitfield. Whitfield's body is eventually found, and Dinah is drawn into a frightening conspiracy, as more people begin to die, and Whitfield's faith is revealed as part of the motive behind his murder. Can she reveal the truth before she finds herself the next silenced victim of a ruthless, unseen enemy?


I’m so thankful to have received a review copy of this compelling, enlightening, mystery. I’d watched Expelled by Ben Stein. He interviewed scientists who believed in creationism and scientists who believed in Darwinism. I didn’t fully understand the conflict he described. Julie Cave made this matter clear and helped me understand the huge battle raging in the science world. Julie’s passion for defending the bible’s account of creation spilled out into the pages of this book.

Thomas Whitfield, secretary of the Smithsonian, says to a fellow scientist Andy Coleman, “Okay, I can understand your arguments but I’ve just never been able to take God seriously. Science has the answers for so many problems. Look at what we’ve achieved in the medical field.”

“Believing in God and being a scientist are not mutually exclusive, Thomas. While I agree with you that science has found answers for many things, it falls short in many ways. For example, can science explain why that young man put on a mask and gunned down his fellow students?....Science can’t really explain the essence of our humanity, or our spirit and soul.”

I was gripped at the debates these two gentlemen had throughout this novel; above is just a snippet of things they discussed. Julie penned such a compelling story on many levels. Her characters are believable. I had compassion in my heart as each struggled to get answers to Thomas Whitfield’s murder and the meaning of life.

FBI Agent Dinah is fighting demons of her own, as she tries to drown them and numb the pain she can’t seem to get over. Ferguson, her partner, went out on a limb to get her on this case. She didn’t want to let him down, but she can tell he’s exasperated with her. He could smell the alcohol on her breath and could tell she has a hung over. He rolled his eyes and wondered where the brilliantly minded Dinah he knew was? She wondered the same thing. She had to find a way to get her act together and find the murderer.

Among all the FBI drama, police raids and finding clues to catch the murderer, there are some funny scenes with the guy who runs the forensic tests. Julie has the perfect blend of humor, drama, mystery and debates, as well as her characters dealing with issues of the heart.

I liked how this author had Dinah or Ferguson ask a question or discover something new about the case and wonder why he or she would do that, then the author would flash back to the event and you got to see first hand what exactly happened. This was very effective. I learned so much from this story. I was drawn into it hook, line and sinker. I can’t wait to read another book by this author.

Reviewed by: Nora St. Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator

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