Monday, September 08, 2008

Sharon Carter Rogers' Unpretty~ Reviewed

Review for Unpretty
by Sharon Carter Rogers
ISBN 1-4165-6649-X
Howard Books/A Division of Simon & Schuster Paperback Original

Hummingbird Collins, an aspiring art student, witnesses and is the only survivor of a terrorist bombing of a Michelangelo exhibit at the Conklin Art Gallery. What she does not know is that she has witnessed the work of the Michelangelus Movement, a cult that kidnaps people and uses them in bizarre artistic experiments, all relating to the artist Michelangelo's masterpiece Last Judgment. Soon after the bombing, she begins receiving eerie cassette recordings from "26", the madman leader of the cult, about his plan of ridding the world of "unpretty" things.

With a full cast of well-developed characters, Sharon Rogers creates a story of intrigue and horror. Especially intriguing is Kinseth, a young man who suffered a traumatic car accident that leaves him with MPD (multiple personalities). When Kinseth stumbles upon the lair of the Michelangelus Movement, he puts himself in line to become the hero, with the help of Ready Robinson, a retired NFL player turned priest, Detective Buck Barnes, and Hummingbird's brother T.W. Collins. The sub-plots tie nicely together to offer a few surprises in the ending, making the book unpredictable and satisfying for those who enjoy a touch of horror in their suspense stories.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Reviewed by Sandra Moore

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