Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jill Elizabeth Nelson's Reluctant Smuggler ~ Reviewed

Title: Reluctant Smuggler
Author: Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 978-1-590852-688-0

Book Description:

For security consultant Desiree Jacobs, the assignment was simple: make off with an ancient Mayan artifact and hand it over to the good guys in time to plan her wedding to ultra-fine FBI agent Tony Lucano.

Yet, in a world where no one is as he seems, Desi must decipher who the good guys are--before she ends up in the hands of a ruthless enemy.

Suddenly, artifact recovery turns into archaeological espionage, and the woman who finds all the answers must now ask questions: Who's looting priceless antiquities underneath the nose of the baffled Mexican government? And what does a violent gang of drug and human traffickers have to do with missing artifacts?


Jill Elizabeth Nelson takes a unique premise and molds it into a story of betrayal, faith, and romance, set in various places, including, Mexico's capital city, the Mayan ruins, and even Cancun. Nelson adds enough twists and turns, not to mention a couple of last minute surprises, that will leave you captivated and satisfied. Her To Catch a Thief series, of which this is the second book, is a recommended read.

Reviewed: S. Dionne Moore

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