Saturday, July 07, 2007

Palmer & Chapman's Summer Breeze ~ Reviewed

Summer Breeze
By Catherine Palmer & Dr. Gary Chapman
Published by Tyndale
ISBN-10: 1-4143-1166-4

Nothing spells disaster like a meddling mother-in-law. Unfortunately for Kim Finley, hers has come to visit...indefinitely. Not that Kim couldn't use the help: she recently returned to work, leaving the care of her ten-year-old twins to her new houseguest. What she didn't count on was Miranda's unwanted decorating tips and unending criticism.

Kim's husband, Derek, soon finds himself volleying between the woman he loves and the mother he can't escape. With increasing demands of his job as a Water Patrolman, Derek can barely keep from drowning.

Winter may be drifting into the Finley household, but summer is in full swing in Deepwater Cove, and the members of the Tea Lovers' Club intend to take full advantage. There are barbecues to plan, neighbors to help, and a new store owner to welcome. But when they lose the one person who brings them together, the community craves the calm only a summer breeze can bring.

I don't like to give away the story when I review a book. So instead of talking about the plot, I just want to tell you this second book in the Four Seasons series is as good as the first. The same quirky characters are back, along with some new ones.

I like how Palmer and Chapman deliver with a touch of humor, real issues couples face in marriage. There are really about four stories going on here, some of which are left unresolved. I imagine they will be the focus of the next books in the series. One can only hope. I want to see more of the residents of Deepwater Cove.

I think Palmer and Chapman have a winning series going. A great summer read. A great read any time of year.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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