Friday, June 01, 2007

Robin Lee Hatcher's Sweet Dreams Drive ~ Reviewed

Sweet Dreams Drive
By Robin Lee Hatcher
Published by Revell
ISBN 10: 0-8007-1857-7

Al and Patti Bedford are the new parents of twins, which means they are severely sleep deprived, in debt up to their ears, and feeling very stressed out. Like so many other young couples, Al and Patti have gotten in over their heads financially while pursuing the great American dream and the good life. With the arrival of their twins and all the new responsibility that entails, the cracks that have been below the surface in their marriage start to come to light. Was this what they signed up for when they got married? Neither one of them is sure.

This final novella in the Hart's Crossing series is as heartwarming as the first book was. Hatcher evoked some long forgotten emotions. Emotions from when I was like Patti—young and newly married and stressed out with the new baby. Patti and Al dance a hormonal waltz, until a purchase Patti makes brings it all to the surface.

Poignant and endearing, Sweet Dreams Drive is highly recommended. Each one of the Hart's Crossing books will touch your heart, and I'm sorry to see the series end. The series has four books: Legacy Lane, Veterans Way, Diamond Place and Sweet Dreams Drive. Be sure to get all four; you won't want to miss any of them. In fact, they'd make a terrific Christmas gift.

Reviewed by: Ane Mulligan

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