Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Maureen Lang's Remember Me ~ Reviewed

Remember Me
Maureen Lang
ISBN 978-0-8254-3672-7
Kregel Publications

Josef imagines he is a loyal American and falls in love with one of the most patriotic women in America--a Red Cross nurse, Lissa Parker. But Josef is really a wanted man. When his memory returns, Josef is convinced he must make himself worthy of Lissa's love--but will she still love him once she knows the terrible truth?

Another historical written with great attention to detail, Maureen Lang's sweeping story of Josef Woerner's triumph in love and tragic descent into the confusion of his past, will delight your senses and warm your heart. Though Josef's continual stream of heroism overseas seemed a bit too perfect, the detail and flow of the writing, not to mention the climactic ending, are both satisfying and heartwarming.

Reviewed By: Sandra Moore

S. Dionne Moore (http://www.sdionnemoore.com/)

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