Friday, March 23, 2007

John Aubrey Anderson's Wedgewood Grey ~ Reviewed

Wedgewood Grey
By John Aubrey Anderson

Published by FaithWords

ISBN 0446579506

In the second installment of the Black or White Chronicles comes Wedgewood Grey, by John Aubrey Anderson.

Set in a small Mississippi community, the war between good and evil continues at Cat Lake. In the dead of night, evil forces descend as a young black woman and her son are brutally attacked by a group of young white boys. When ex-convict, Mose Washington comes to the woman’s rescue, Mose is unable to avoid the law and so begins his journey as a fugitive.

In the tradition of A Time to Kill, Anderson’s novel centers on the premise that it was nearly impossible for a black man in the sixties to receive justice in rural America. Interwoven with the spiritual realm, complete with demons that control some of the
festering unsaved souls in the Delta, Anderson manages to weave a tale that will keep readers looking forward to book three.

There is some warning to readers before reading this book if they fall more into the fan grouping of the romance genre or other more feel-good type books. Wedgwood Grey is scary in some of its graphic depictions of evil, which might leave more gentle readers unsettled. The violence rating in parts of the book is rated R, by this reviewer’s account, but on the other hand, there is no cursing.

For readers who prefer a hard-edged adventure with characters who embrace the Christian faith to fight off evil, Wedgewood Grey is their book.

Reviewed by Tina Ann Forkner

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