Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Travis Thrasher's Blinded ~ Reviewed

by Travis Thrasher
Publisher: Moody Publishers (August 1, 2006)
ISBN: 080248672X

Michael sits in a café in on a late Friday afternoon. He has sixteen hours to kill before his flight home to Chicago, sixteen hours in which to re-live his business failure. He came here to complete a merger that's taken the last six months of his life. At the last minute, the buying company axed the plans and now the jobs of 250 people are on the line. He's alone in a strange city, at a low point in his life, and ripe for disaster.

It comes in the form of a gorgeous female. They've flirted with each other over their glasses of wine and now she's seated at his table. He tries to convince himself it's nothing, but before she leaves he has a name, Jasmine, and a phone number tucked into his pocket.

He also has a wife and two children back home in Chicago. But his home life hasn't been the best lately and besides, he's in New York! Lisa will never know what transpired here. And so Michael rationalizes his first step into trouble he never could've dreamed up back home in the Chicago suburbs.

Blinded by Travis Thrasher is a novel that drew me in from the opening sentence. Michael is a well-written character at war with himself. He's a man who has worked hard to provide for his family, but is losing them in the process. An only child, he must become parent to his mother, and watch her succumb to the disease that is taking her mind. Temptations abound, from billboards, magazines, and his morning paper. And the Internet is a gold mine of enticing places that swamp his mind with forbidden thoughts. Michael is a man struggling to make it on his own, and drowning in the process. Fast-paced, it's full of twists and turns, that kept me off balance and guessing until the end.

Review by Cheryl Russell

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