Monday, February 20, 2006

Donna Fleisher's Valiant Hope~Reviewed

Valiant Hope
by Donna Fleisher
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0-310-26396-4

A review by, Janet Rubin

Donna Fleisher’s book, Valiant Hope is classified as women’s fiction. Normally, I’m more of an action/adventure or supernatural thriller fan, so I picked up this “girl book” with limited enthusiasm. I wasn’t very many pages in though, when I realized that I wouldn’t regret reading this third novel in the Homeland Heroes Series, a trilogy that chronicles the friendship and experiences of Chris McIntyre and Erin Mathis—two woman who are united when they serve together in Operation Desert Storm. Chris is a woman who bears the scars of a very difficult past and Erin is a friend who desperately wants to see her find peace.

In Valiant Hope, Chris is a new Christian, surrounded by supportive Christian friends, working with kids in an inner-city ministry and growing in her walk with God (now that’s an adventure!). When she suspects that one of the girls she works with is being abused, she decides to intervene. This brings to the forefront memories of her own horrific childhood. Valiant Hope is the story of how God works to transform an angry and bitter heart into one that can love and forgive. I guess you could call that supernaturally thrilling!

Donna Fleisher has a gift for capturing the essence of a relationship. I cared deeply for the characters in the book and felt their emotions. I was thrilled with the suspenseful scenes and didn’t even mind the bits of romance. Valiant Hope is women’s fiction at its best.

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